miércoles, 7 de septiembre de 2011

Back to school ideas for primary, secondary and ICT

 Back To School by Unknown
Today I hurry off to school,
To work and learn and play.
I'm in a brand new grade this year.
What a happy day!

After this summer's break it is back to school. It is time for teachers to get ready and think of back to school activities to do in the English class. Here you'll find some ideas and tips that will make your first days task easier. 


Back to school: 5 tips to use ICT in the English class 

Are you interested in tips to start school implementing ICT in your class? Why not asking your students to explain their summer using some web 2.0 tools? It will be more attactive and fun. Let your students talk about their holidays and give them a topic: "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" .
Use the following tools: 
  1. Create a comic. Pixton
  2. Explain your holidays with a text-to-speech. Voki
  3. Create a presentation with Photopeach.
  4. Record your story with Audacity (audio) or a webcam (video) and share with your class.
  5. Create a collabortive presentation. Wallwisher.

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